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About CohnQuest

N.R. Cohn is the owner, writer, and editor-in-chief of CohnQuest, a website dedicated to exploring the power and art of creative writing and storytelling.

N.R. Cohn of CohnQuest

A college student in San Diego, N.R. Cohn is currently pursuing a double major in Physics and English. Driven by a passion for science, science fiction, and fantasy, His writing often centers around those themes and genres, forging worlds at the crossroads of the real and unreal. His creative pursuits are built upon the conviction that everyone has a story worth telling.

Allegedly born (or crash-landed) on the east coast, N.R. Cohn has been a longtime inhabitant of the American southwest. N.R. Cohn can sometimes be found wearing bow ties, tutoring his peers, and contemplating the future of artificial intelligence. He loves the rain, but is surprisingly ambivalent about long walks on the beach, preferring medium-length strolls. He is afraid of spiders.

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