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worlds1Stories have the power to take us to worlds old, new, and impossible. There, the reader meets people–characters–and encounters novel notions from unique perspectives. It is through these conveyed perspectives that stories provide a foundation for empathy.

Thus, to think of a story as a “world,” as something shared, yet outside oneself, is fitting. Both are a medium for relationships, the arenas in which individuals are set in motion, alongside or against each other. Both possess a certain order, which its primary players strive to understand. Every story written illustrates a reality shared by the reader, the characters, and the authors, a communication which transcends the words themselves.

In short, through narrative truth, words can becomes worlds unto themselves.

“A lovely sentiment, Author. If only enough people actually believed it. Actually acted upon it. Actually realized the life right in front of their eyes. And fought for it.”

Perchance, in dreams.


Letters from the Waste, taken. Are you their intended recipient?

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