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The stories of CohnQuest will be primarily told in the form of ongoing, weekly chapters, forming two serials. Each serial is a self-encapsulated, independent story, although the worlds themselves – and the unreality that they inhabit – may not always prove so isolated.

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Mondays: Letters from the Waste

Letters from the Waste takes a peek into a reality not so distant in time and in space from our own, where a nearly omnipotent figure, commonly referred to as the Puritan, has taken control of the world. Told entirely through a compilation of individual correspondences, Letters demonstrates the distinct ways in which people have learned to defy, survive, or manipulate their new circumstances, inhabiting a state where everything seems perfect, except for the people themselves. As much a thriller as a fantasy, Letters begins around three decades after the Puritan’s rise to power, when the facades of command and order start to wear thin.


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