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A Tale of Dreams

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Which is the greater horror:, that all is real,, or that nothing is?, We all dream,, and in dreams we can know things, that were and never were,, that have been or are yet to be.
No one remembers , the time before the Deluge:, the water that reaches,, the water that clings,, the water that washes all things away., Perhaps that is for the best.
This is still Hell., We are a light upon a hill,, but that peak is meaningless, when the damning walls, of the canyons of suffering, still surround us,, around the world. , Where there is not Order, , there is needless suffering. , Where there is needless suffering, , there is evil.
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Allegedly born (or crash-landed) on the east coast, he has long been an inhabitant of the American southwest. This author can sometimes be found wearing cravats, tutoring his peers, and contemplating the future of artificial intelligence. He loves the rain, but is surprisingly ambivalent about long walks on the beach, preferring medium-length strolls.

He used to be afraid of spiders.

And now that I have your attention, let’s begin.

An open door is a terrible thing. Why can I not save her?

Save her? You cannot have her.


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